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Design 1 Art 107 SUNY Orange Community College

Fall 2019

Dannie loves learning and the works on this page are a complete collection from her Design 1 course. Creating this collection was a blast, and she pushed her artistic abilities to the limits.

Design 1 Video Portfolio

The Steampunk Style Collection Of Class Assignments

A collection of all the work throughout the course of the fall semester in Design 1 and the thought process that went into creating each piece. This video incompuses the work and the feel of artist Dannie Sinisi as she navigates the returning to school at 42. With the collaborative support of family, friends, classmates and the professor, she has completed this body of creative work for this course receiving an A grade.

Song  Credit- Billie Eilish "When The Party Is Over"

This Song was chosen to reflect a driving force in Dannie's life.


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